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Taking Risks

  1. Do you love taking risks? Is it what makes life worth living for you or you prefer to avoid uncertain or unsafe (physically, financially or morally) situations in different spheres of your life?
  2. May you take some risks? Does it depend on situation?
  3. • Traveling 160 km by train
    • Flying 160 km as a passenger
    • Rock climbing/diving
    • Destructive asteroid hitting the earth

  4. Do you agree that often what we think is risky us actually quite safe?
  5. What is the most risky thing you`ve ever done in your life?
  6. Do you agree that ``who doesn`t risk doesn`t take a cake``?
  7. Do you use any kinds of insurance?
  8. What is you attitude to risk taking in business? In investing money?
  9. What is your attitude to extreme sports?
  10. What is your attitude to gambling?
  11. Do you agree or disagree with following statements:
  12. • Your date of birth can decide how likely you are to have an accident.
    • Ordinary people have to compare known risks with unknown ones.
    • There is one type of risk that almost nobody can calculate.
    • Often what we think is risky is actually quite safe.

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