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Time Management

Questions for discussion:

  1. What's time management for you? Do you think it's really useful and needed? What are the good and bad sides of TM, in your opinion?
  2. Are you often late? Are you annoyed when somebody else is late? What are the drawbacks of losing time on waiting for somebody? Do you think being late depends on the person or on the situation?
  3. In your opinion can TM be applied only at work? Do you need it in your everyday life?
  4. How do you proiritise tasks when there is a lot to do?
  5. Do you make up lists of things to do? Do you use a planner in your cell phone or any other computer program to schedule your day, week, month, six months?
  6. Do you think that setting long-term goals is good from the TM view-point? Do you set goals for a year, five or ten years etc.? Does it help?
  7. Do you apply delegating as a way of TM? Is it always easy to delegate for you?
  8. Make up a plan to become president of this country, or of building a corporation, or of conquering another planet. It should fit in ten years.
  9. The worst enemy of TM is procrastination. What are your ways to flight it?
  10. Do you make filing systems for documents? What else do you apply a system for? Does it help?

In case you are interested, look in the Internet for:
* The Eisenhower Matrix (setting priorities)
* The pomodoro technique (pure time management and a way to increase effectiveness)
* The suite case method (setting priorities)

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