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Questions for discussion:

  1. Are you a competitive person? Do you like competition?
  2. What is role of competition playing in our lives? Could you explain with examples?
  3. Can we dare to say that nowadays life is based on competition?
  4. Does competition only refer to career and practical life? Can a person compete himself with out competition?
  5. What is the biggest competition you have ever experienced? What was the result?
  6. How do you feel when you lose in competition?
  7. How can life competition influence our lives positively and negatively?
  8. Can the different life competitions be consider as stress inducers?
  9. Do you think print and visual media in Russia are competitive enough to attract western viewership?
  10. Do you think there should be healthy competition between boys and girls in studies in schools and universities?
  11. What is sibling rivalry? Is competition good between brothers and sisters in the family?
  12. Can competition be a disaster sometimes?
  13. Can society and religion help people to be competitive?
  14. Do you think competition among girls to look more beautiful is good or bad? Does it help to attract best mate?
  15. Do you think competition among men to look stronger, healthier and smarter is good or bad? Does these competitive qualities help to attract best mate?


  • competition - a friendly contest
  • disaster - a sudden great failure
  • mate - a companion or fellow worker
  • viewership - number of people following certain programme

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