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Questions for discussion:

1. Does the good system of education exist anywhere in the world or it is ostentatious thing (the thing just ‘for show’)? When was the education born? What do you think about improving of its from those times?
2. Has education really been helping the society to it’s develop? Does it help more to society or a definite person from that society? Is there a difference of education in Russia and other countries?
3. Is our ordinary education at school good? Are there any differences from ordinary schools and private ones? Why do more and more schoolmates prefer externship (‘without attending classes’) nowadays? What’s the role of their parents in it and why?
4. How did you get your higher education? Was it interesting or useful? Did it help you for your further job? If you are still a student what can you say on the issue of study?
5. Did you happen to take a second or an additional education? How did you manage to combine your work with the study? What did you learn to? Is it difficult to find the job with your new profession?
If you don’t have additional education can you say that you’re absolutely satisfied with your current job or possible trade? If it’s not what is your plan for additional education?
6. Education and Money. Do you know that Bill Gates was expelled from Harvard University after the 2-nd year? Is he sorry for that now? What did he do to reach such a financial success? Do education and money go along together? What do you prefer most?

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