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Women and work

Overtime, women have become more powerful in the working world. Today we see women in positions which at one point used to be male-dominated, like lawyers and doctors. Women are trying to become more successful at work but still face an extraordinary dilemma: Family or Work? They try to sequence between the two, but it is still hard… Read the full article or download it in Word format below.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Is there a difference between male and female motivation in making a career? If yes, what are those differences?
  2. Do you agree that generally women would rather raise their children and have a family than strive for occupational success?
  3. What advantages and disadvantages do women have in a corporate sector?
  4. "In cases where men and women adopt the same strategies for their careers, the man achieves more success,” Do you agree or disagree? If yes, then what are the strategies women executives should use to climb corporate ladder with the same rate as men?
  5. What advantages and disadvantages do women have in a corporate sector?
  6. Many surveys show that women are less likely than men to ask their managers for a pay rise, promotion, or other career moves. Why does it happen like that, in your opinion?
  7. Why women executives are paid less than their male counter parts in the corporate sector?
  8. Do you think that “glass ceiling” for women still exists in modern companies? Have you ever seen such examples?
  9. Why are there so few women among top executives, politicians and entrepreneurs? Why do many women prefer to work especially in human resources department? What professions are male and what professions are female, in your opinion? Why is it like that? Will this order change in the nearest future?
  10. Do you think younger women are more tech savvy than older women in a corporate sector?
  11. Many women experience problems while getting back into the work force after opting out to raise a child. They face trouble getting the wage and position they had before they left. What could you advise in such a situation? How to look for a job? How to write CV? Is it OK to restart job at a lower position and/or salary because they were away for several years?
  12. Today’s working mothers struggle not just with rocky climb to the top of career ladder, but also with a bigger dilemma: who will watch the kids? What are the best childcare options?
  13. What other problems do young working moms have, in your opinion? What steps could be taken to overcome those obstacles?
  14. What do you think of fathers who take some time off to take care of kids and allow their wives to be the "breadwinners" and continue on the career path?
  15. How do some women executives balance home and work? How should domestic responsibilities be divided if both partners work?
  16. At what age should women get retired? Should it be the same with men or earlier/later? Why so?
  17. How to keep more women in the work force? What is really holding women back in the work place?
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