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1) Do you believe in ghosts?

2) Do you believe that dead people come back to life as ghosts?Would you talk to a ghost?

3) Do you know any good stories about ghosts? Do you know anyone who has said that they have seen a ghost?

4) Have you ever come in contact with a ghost? (Have you ever seen a ghost?)

5) If one of your friends told you they had seen a ghost, would you believe him/her? Why/Why not?What is the scariest ghost story you know?

6) Is there an area where you live (park, house, etc.) that is known to be haunted?

7) If so, what is the story or legend that makes people believe this area is haunted? Have you ever visited this place?

8) Do you believe that houses can be haunted? Have you ever been to one? Do you believe that houses have ghosts in them sometimes?

9) Were you ever touched or physically harmed by a ghost or "spirit"? If so, how?If you were a ghost who and where would you haunt?

10) How do you know if a ghost is near you?If you don't believe in ghosts, then what have you heard other people say?

11) If you don't believe in ghost, why don't you believe? If you don't believe in ghost, and you actually have seen one, what were your reactions?

12) Have you ever felt that you knew a ghost that you saw? If you were a ghost, who or what would you haunt?Why do people say they see ghosts even though they sometimes do not?

13) Do you put any faith in the modern day ghost hunters? Can you recall any strange or unexplained events in your life?

14) Do you believe your ancestors are watching you? What do you think about the images movies give us about aliens?

15)Would you spend the night in a place where people say that there are ghosts? Would you spend the night in a very old uninhabited house, church school that was known to have ghosts?

16) Have you seen a ghost? What kind of ghost? Did you get to talk with the ghost? Have you though about becoming a ghostbuster?

17) Would you be scared if a ghost talked to you? Do you think we can feel if a ghost is near by us by the changes in the weather? What reasons might ghosts haunt?

18) Have you ever felt that you knew a ghost that you saw?(like a grandparent or other relative)

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