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Dream House and Living Arrangements

  1. Do you like spending time at home? Where do you live and lived before?
  2. When you were a child, did you have to share a bedroom with your siblings? Did you like it or did you want your own room?
  3. Which part of Moscow do you live? What are good and bad areas to live in Moscow and in your town?
  4. What would be your ideal living arrangement:
    •  house in a city
    •  flat
    •  studio
    •  cottage
    • castle
  5. What part of your country would you ideally like to live in?
    • capital
    • big city
    • small town
    • seaside town
    • village
    • countryside
    • mountains van island
  6. If you could buy land and build your dream house, what would it look like?
    • old fashioned
    • modern
    • big
    • small
    •  flat
    • spacious
    • one floor
    • two floors
  7. How many and what rooms would it have? How big would they be?
    •  cellar
    •  hall/corridor
    •  living room
    •  bedrooms
    •  kitchen
    • bathrooms
    • study
    • guest room
    • TV room
    • library
    • balcony/veranda
    • conservatory
    • attic, roof
  8. Which room is the most important for you in your home?
  9. How would you decorate it inside?
    • wood
    • metal
    • glass
    • carpets
    • tiles
    •  paintings
    • mirrors
    •  musical instruments
    • what kind of furniture
    •  sofas
    •  table and chairs
    •  fireplace
    • animal skins
  10. What colors and lightening would you use? Do you collect a lot of things?
  11. Is it important that your house is ecologically friendly?
  12. Is it important to have a garden/lawn?
  13. Do you keep plants inside your house? Why or why not?
  14. Do you like having guests / sleepovers in your house? Do you like spending time in other peoples' houses?
  15. Do you like house parties?
  16. Do you like keeping animals in you house?
  17. Is it important to keep your house very clean or do you feel more comfortable with a bit of an 'organized chaos'?
  18. If you could change one thing about your current house to make it more comfortable, what would it be?
  19. How difficult is it to get a mortgage and buy your own house in you country? How many generations should live together do you think?
  20. When is good time for children to move out of their parents' house?
  21. Have you ever shared a house/flat with your friends? Was it a good experience?
  22. Are there any rules in your house that make peoples' lives easier? What are they?
  23. If you have lived abroad, what living arrangements have you experienced there? Did you like them?
  24. Do you like staying in hotels? Why or why not?

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