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Are men and women treated equally in this country?

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you believe that you are supposed to act in certain ways and do certain things depending on who you are, a man or a woman?
  2. How has the attitude to women's role in the society changed in the past century? Has it ever changed at all for that matter?
  3. What patterns of behavior are considered to be appropriate for men but inappropriate for women?
  4. Do parents have different expectations for their sons and daughters in their families?
  5. If you had children of different sex, would you bring up boys and girls differently? Why?
  6. Boys and girls very often play with different toys. Girls usually have dolls and boys often play with toy guns. Do you think boys and girls prefer playing with different toys or they are given different toys on purpose? Is parents' choice on toys important?
  7. To what extent do you think the society tries to push (or unconsciously pushes) people into traditionally "female" and "male" roles? Jobs?
  8. Is it woman's nature or is it society that makes woman look always good? Why do you think the eating disorders, like anorexia, are widespread in our society?
  9. Is it true that society very often sets incompatible requirements for women, for example, to be modest, but remain sexy?
  10. Is it OK for men to weep?
  11. Is it OK for a woman to wrestle?
  12. Do you agree that women talk and gossip more than men? If so, why?
  13. Is there any difference between the way that men and women drive?
  14. Do women in power lead differently from men in the same positions?
  15. Are you a feminist? Why?
  16. What do you know about the history of feminism?
  17. In what situations is it easier to be a girl/woman than a boy/man? When is the situation the other way round?
  18. Why women executives are paid less than men in the same position?
  19. Many surveys show that women are less likely to ask their managers for a promotion, pay raise, and perks than men? Why does it happen?
  20. Do you think that “glass ceiling” for women still exists in business world? Have you ever come across such examples?
  21. What do you think of the list of forbidden professions for women in Russia? Is it denying women their rights? Do you know anybody working in a profession generally attributed to the other sex?
  22. Why do you think some professions turned from manly to womanly or vice versa? Personal assistant, driver, cook, doctor, tailor?
  23. Many women experience problems while getting back into the work force after opting out to look after a child. They face trouble getting the wage and position they had before they left. What could you advise them in such a situation? How to look for a job? How to write CV? Is it OK to restart job at a lower position and/or salary because they were away for several years?
  24. What age should women get retired at? Should they do it earlier than men do? Why?
  25. Have you ever witnessed sexual harassment (repeated and unwelcome sexual comments, ogling, or physical contacts) at work? Do you think a specific law against sexual harassment should be enforced?
  26. Do you think that molestation in the street is utterly unacceptable or it is a part of the culture of this country?
  27. Do our police defend women and children from domestic violence? Do you think that we need to enforce an additional law against it?
  28. Do you think that women should join the army like men?
  29. Who should pay on dates? Should both women and men pay?
  30. Do men and women have different amount of time off from work?
  31. Who is supposed to do the household duties? Is it fair that a woman does all the housekeeping after hours? Should men participate in doing housekeeping?
  32. Were household duties divided between your parents when you were a child? Has the situation changed since then?
  33. Is there a stigma of being a housewife?
  34. Traditionally it is mostly women who look after aged and seriously ill relatives in Russia. Do you think it is any sensible and fair? Do you think men should take part in looking after their aged and ill relatives?
  35. In most countries it is women who take a childcare leave. What do you think of fathers who take a childcare leave too as either parent could elect to take childcare leave nowadays in European countries?

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