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Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you believe in vampires, goblins and so on? What about energetic vampires? What about fortune-telling, hoodoo and so on?
  2. Do you believe in hypnosis?
  3. Do you remember any miracles in your life?
  4. Did you try spiritualistic experiments in your childhood?
  5. If it happened to you to find yourself alone in the winter night in a desolated hut, wouldn't you feel some superstitious horror?
  6. Can we believe in magic subconsciously? Do you have examples of such belief?
  7. Do you believe that dreams can interfere with our reality? Do you believe that people can have real meetings in dreams?
  8. Is there something real in shaman's practice? Is it only a madness or is it a real contact with the reality unknown to modern people?
  9. Can we use in our practical life magic or at least belief in magic?

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