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How to motivate someone to buy something?

Questions for discussion:

  1. On what emotions should we base our motivation, on positive or on negative?
  2. Is it easy to sell something really new or is it better to sell a little improved things?
  3. What is easier to sell, fish or a fishing rod?
  4. On what should we rely, on marketing researches or on our own intuition?
  5. Is it possible to sell things people really need? Need and demand are not the same, aren't they?
  6. To what part of people's mind should we appeal, to rational or irrational?
  7. What is more important, design or content?
  8. Some people want to get rid of money, don't they? Can it be a part of successful strategy?
  9. Can intelligent people be successful sellers? Or should people be manipulators for that?
  10. "Many people buy our products!" Isn't it the main winning argument? Is it an argument for you?
  11. Should you feel any respect to the buyer?
  12. Uncleared snow in front of private shop. How can it be? Why don't they take it away?
  13. Should you show a buyer that you are interested in him?

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