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Life after life

Questions for discussion:

1. Does life after life exist? Why do you think so?
2. Is it important, whether afterlife exists?
3. What is waiting for us, coming back to the Earth, Paradise, Hell,
4. What is waiting for you?
5. Would you like to come back to this life? Which country would you prefer for your next reincarnation?
6. What sex would you choose?
7. What fate would you choose for your eternal life? What is Paradise for you?
8. If God does not exist, does it mean that everything is allowed?
9. What advantages and disadvantages does the belief in afterlife give us?
10. If you were God would you create the Hell for sinners? Are you going to forgive them everything?
11. Justice does not exist on the Earth. Does it exist above it?
12. Is this world spiritual or its spirituality is only a product of our

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