Questions for discussion:

Men and Women

Issues dealing with the psychology of both men and women are maybe the most controversial topics available for you. However, be careful as you talk about them, or you might ruin your relationship with others. Here are a few debate and discussion ideas that you could use:


Feeling angry

Sense of Humor

  1. What is humor?
  2. What makes a joke funny?
  3. How important it for you that your friend or significant other has a good sense of humor?
  4. Is a good sense of humor a sign of intelligence and confidence?
  5. How does a person’s sense of humor change with age?
  6. What are the funniest children’s comments you can remember?
  7. Do you like memes?
  8. Have you ever tried to write memes?
  9. Do you enjoy telling anecdotes? Can you tell us your funniest one?

Partnership & Teamwork

Questions for discussion, Partnership:

  1. What is a partnership for you?
  2. Do you think personal partnership should be treated same as work or business partnership?
  3. Have you ever been in a business partnership?
  4. What is necessary for successful business partnership?


  1. Do you have or want children? Why?
  2. Have you had much experience with children?
  3. Do you like children of all ages (babies, toddlers, adolescents/teenagers)?
  4. Do you think everyone should have children?
  5. How many children should people have?
  6. What’s your opinion of people who choose not to have children?
  7. What’s your understanding of the terms “childless” and “childfree”? 
  8. What do you think of clubs for childless and childfree people?


Part I, questions for discussion:

  1. What is responsibility?
  2. What should a responsible friend/spouse/parent/sibling/grandparent be like?
  3. What are the responsibilities of parents? Should parents support their children financially while they are studying at university?
  4. Do you agree that in Russia there are many adults living in dependence on their parents?
  5. How should kids be raised so that they become responsible and not live off their parents?

Live-in Relationship VS Marriage

A man is opposite to a woman only on the physiological level. In no other way are they opposite. But we have made such a big issue of it. It is a simple difference nature has made for the perpetuation of the race but because this need is there within you, and because you have a few more sensibilities and stronger emotions compared to an animal, we institutionalized our sexuality. That is what marriage is. And because we have to nurture our children and bring them up, unless there is a committed atmosphere, it is not going to happen properly. So we created this institution of marriage so that your sexuality and caring for progeny is also handled, and children grow up in more stable atmospheres.

How to make separation/divorce less painful for children?


Seeing your parents divorce is hard for any child, young or old. After all, the family unit as they know it may be changing overnight. By giving them the right emotional and mental support you can help them emerge stronger from the experience. Here’s what you need to know. When you and your spouse separate, it has emotional and mental fallout for your kids too. Children experience a sense of loss, anxiety, fear of abandonment, anger, and even guilt that they may somehow be responsible. From stranger anxiety to irritability and anxiety in smaller kids to slipping grades and behavioral issues in teens, every age group handles divorce differently. It isn’t going to be easy, but, fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to make it less painful. Start with some simple but effective steps that’ll help you approach the situation better. 

The Recipe for a Happy Marriage

The English expression, “falling in love,” is significant because you don’t rise in love, you don’t fly in love, you don’t walk in love, you don’t stand in love. You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself. Only if you don’t think too much of yourself, you can be in love. When what you consider as “me” falls, a deep experience of love can happen within you. If your marriage is just a bundle of expectations about how to extract happiness out of someone who should make heaven for you, you will be disappointed. They say marriages are made in heaven. They say that because most people created a hell out of their marriage! If your relationship is about extracting something out of someone, it does not matter how much you manage, there will be constant trouble. But if your relationship was an offering to the other person, then everything would be fantastic.

Teenagers: Why do they rebel? (revised)

Teenagers say what REALLY annoys them about their mothers

Singing in the car, trying to be one of the gang and Facebook friend requests: Teenagers give their (toe-curling) views on what REALLY annoys them about their mothers

  • Joe Lawrence, 17, from London, is sick of his mother Julia singing in the car
  • Olivia Becci, 17, from London, wants her mother Anna-Maria to stop trying to be one of the girl gang when her friends come over to her house 
  • Seth Daker, 18, from Ripponden, West Yorkshire, wants his mother Nicky to stop sending him friend requests on social media including Facebook and Twitter

Psychological Boundaries


Boundaries define where we end and other people begin, both physically and emotionally. Psychologically, they define a space we see as our own, separate from other people. When we are in love or feel very close to another person through friendship, collaboration, or special circumstances, boundaries may get blurred, as we see ourselves not as separate from them. However, even then boundaries continue to be an important piece of our emotional health.

Introverts and extraverts

  1. Are introversion and extraversion inherited qualities?
  2. In what age does the type of personality peep?
  3. Is it possible to be an extravert and introvert simultaneously? Can we get more introverted or extraverted if we want?
  4. What are the qualities that determine an introvert?
  5. What are the qualities that determine an extravert?
  6. What type of personality could you attribute yourself to and why?
  7. Can you determine personality type of any person by his behavior?

Should gay marriages be legalized?


Gay marriage declared legal across the US in historic supreme court ruling

Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States after a historic supreme court ruling that declared attempts by conservative states to ban them unconstitutional.

In what may prove the most important civil rights case in a generation, five of the nine court justices determined that the right to marriage equality was enshrined under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

Meeting new people/ Relationship

Questions for discussion:

  1. How long does it take for you to understand what the person is really like?
  2. What are good conversation starters?
  3. Do you like meeting new people and how long does it take you to trust someone?


Questions for discussion:

  1. What is your definition of cheating?
  2. Have you ever cheated?
  3. Why do you think that people cheat?
  4. Have you ever cheated in an exam?


Questions for discussion:

  1. What is pride?
  2. Are you proud of your country?
  3. Do you feel more pride in yourself or in others?
  4. Are you proud of your heritage?
  5. Do you think you were always a source of great pride for your parents?

Body Language

Questions for discussion:

  1. Why do you think body language is important?
  2. How do you use body language in your daily life?
  3. How does body language help you to communicate?
  4. How does your native culture use body language?
  5. What kind of body language do you use at school, University and work place?

Family / Children

Questions for discussion:

  1. What are three things that make relationships successful?
  2. What three qualities did you look for in a partner that you wanted to have a long term relationship with?
  3. Do you think conflicts make relationships stronger?
  4. What do you think about arranged marriages?

The red hot business of divorce celebration

The red hot business of divorce celebration

By Barbara Balfour

After finalising a painful divorce Wendy Lewis decided there was only one way to celebrate - by blasting her wedding dress with a machine gun. To get the job done the newly divorced American gathered her female friends - and the dress - and flew to Las Vegas, Nevada for a long weekend.

Gender Conversation

1) Which gender do you think makes the best bosses? Can you give a
reason? Have you had any direct experience or is it just an opinion?
2) Would you rather have a male or a female secretary? Why?
3) Does one gender takes more time off from work than another?
4) Which gender spends the most time shopping? Which gender is most
likely to ask strangers for directions?
5) Is one gender unable to "see" unwashed dishes or unmade beds? Is
one gender "overly" concerned with tidiness? What is your experience?

Generation Gap

Questions for discussion:

Feelings that drive us crazy

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you get annoyed when other people display bad manners? Could you give some examples?
  2. Do you get annoyed when someone cuts in front of you when you are waiting in line?
  3. Do you get angry when politicians make promises they can't keep?
  4. Do you get annoyed when you watch the news on TV and see all the terrible things happening in the world?
  5. Does it annoy you when shop assistants try to sell you things you don't need?


Questions for discussion:

  1. How do you feel about attending weddings? Are they boring, interesting, a waste of time?
  2. When was the last time you attended a wedding? Who was getting married?
  3. When you've been invited to a wedding, do you go out and buy a suit/dress and/or a pair of shoes for the occasion? Why do some people feel that they have to do this?
  4. After the wedding ceremony itself, in some countries there are wedding feasts or banquets. What happens after the wedding in your country?

Living in society: Is it easy to be "social animal"?

1) How often do all the members of your family get together?
2) What differences has the internet made to people's ability to keep relationships going over long distances?
3)The human being is said to be a "social animal". One of the main criticisms made of internet is that we're getting used to relating to people we'll never meet. What are the implications of that?
4)Does it worry you that many children nowadays spend more time in front of computer games than actually playing with their friends?

Is marriage an identity crisis?

In 1921, Stone's example inspired the journalist Ruth Hale to found the
Lucy Stone League, an American organization supporting women's rights
to keep and use their maiden names. Mentored by Helena Normanton, and
open to both women and men, the 'Lucy Stoners' challenged in federal
court any government edict that would not recognise a married woman by
the name she chose to use. Their slogan was "My name is my identity
and must not be lost." During the 1920s they succeeded in getting real

Mars and Venus Today

  1. Why do we say men are from Mars and women are from Venus?
  2. Why men and women are different when it comes to communicating with each other?
  3. Why relationships became so complicated in the modern world?
  4. How can women make mens life different and vice versa?
  5. Why women are more verbal than men?
  6. Did God make a mistake? Did he "mess up" the master design of sex by making a us so diverse? Does he sit up in heaven and laugh that we can't seem to please each other?

International Dating & Marriage

1.Would you marry someone of another nationality?
2.Are your parents of the same nationality?
3.What are some advantages of an international marriage?
4.What are some disadvantages?
5.Do you want your husband to know how you looked as a child? Why or why not?
6.Do you believe that having a permanent love between two people who are living in two different countries is possible?

Single Parents, Part II


Over the past 20 years single-parent families have become even more common than the so-called "nuclear family" consisting of a mother, father and children. Today we see all sorts of single parent families: headed by mothers, headed by fathers, headed by a grandparent raising their grandchildren.

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