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Challenges of the modern civilization. Part 1

1. What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

2. Which countries do you think might be against globalization?

3. What do you think globalization will look like in the future?

4. How do you think Russia is similar/different to western countries?

5. Can you give some examples of exotic festivals that are celebrated in other countries?

6. What do you think are some of the biggest environmental problems in Russia?

Russia and The World

  1. Would you like to spend the rest of your life in Russia? If not, what country would you like to live in?
  2. Are there many Russians living in the former republic of the Soviet Union?
  3. What is their position in the society in such countries as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania? What problems do these people face?
  4. Can you describe the gas conflict with Ukraine? What was and still is the problem? What is the position of Europe?
  5. Is it easy for Russians to get a visa to European countries and the USA?


Questions for discussion:

  1. What kinds of corruption are there in your country?
  2. Has corruption affected your life?
  3. Why do you think people are corrupt.?
  4. Can corruption be a good thing?
  5. How do you reduce corruption?
  6. Which countries have a lot of corruption?
  7. What can you do about corruption in your country?
  8. How do you remove corrupt employees from their jobs?
  9. What is the largest bribe you have paid?
  10. Can corruption be a good thing in some societies?


Reading: Race law debate touches emotional chord – in parliament and out

'For people who have experienced racism, it is a deeply personal debate,' says Labor senator Penny Wong.

Every so often, issues arise on the political landscape that offer a window into political representatives who are most deeply touched by them. Race is always one of them. It inspires a passion unseen on most other subjects.

Consider the Abbott cabinet where, up until now, leaks have been rare. Yet proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act inspired a wholesale leak this week.

Global economy and Russia

Questions for discussion:

  1. What can you say about the present economic situation?
  2. Compare the economic situation of today with the situation 2 years ago.
  3. Do you think that unemployment will increase / decrease in the next few years?
  4. What can we do with people who have been laid off and who have no real chance of finding another job?
  5. Has computer created or killed jobs?
  6. Describe the current business situation in your company.
  7. Has your company ever laid off employees?

Who are Russians?

Quesions for discussion:

  1. Who are Russians? Who are Russian women? Who are Russian men?
  2. Why others think of us in terms and images like: communism, vodka, laziness, Gulag, mafia, balalaika and bears on the streets?
  3. Do Russians have the national idea? What is Russian national anti-idea?
  4. Why don't western people like Russians?
  5. Do Russians have inner freedom?
  6. Do Russians have competitive advantages?
  7. Are Russians hospitable and amicable?

Our governors: Medvedev, Putin, and Luzhkov. Which of them is the biggest and the best?

Attention, please! That topic was initially published and discussed 09/25/2009 (1 year passed!!!)
‘OLD’ Questions:

  1. Dmitrii Medvedev: Are you satisfied with his external and internal politics? What good points of character does he have to correspond to that position? What weaknesses does he have?

Democracy versus communism

Questions for discussion:

  1. Only democratic regimes have a right to exist. - Only communism is the real democracy.
  2. Freedom of speech is an essential human right. - Propaganda of war, of parasitism, of hatred must be forbidden.
  3. Sexual freedom is an essential human right. - Sexual freedom can destroy any society. If not, then communism can get along with sexual freedom.

Coming back to the thirties, who are we going to elect?

We are in the thirties now, and we have an election. It's up to us to decide who will be the leader of our country. Bolsheviks have just offered Stalin. After our discussion, we are going to vote for Stalin or for somebody else. Who is better than Stalin?

Questions for discussion:

  1. Stalin took very poor, almost illiterate agrarian country and turned it into a cosmic superpower.

Victory Day

Questions for discussion:

  1. What does the Victory in the G.P.W.(Great Patriotic War) mean for you?
  2. Do you celebrate Victory Day?
  3. Can you tell us the stories of your relatives who were at the G.P.W.?
  4. Have your grandparents told you how they lived during the G.P.W.? Can you share with us their stories?

Is it easy to manipulate public conscious?

Questions for discussion:

~ Do you think that your opinion of what happens around you in the world can be quite independent?
~ Do you think that there are some powers in society that are interested in manipulating peoples conscious?
~ How often do you realize that information you get is oriented on your forming certain opinion on certain things?
~ Do you sometimes resort to imposing your opinion on somebody by manipulating somebody`s conscious? And what do you feel when become aware that someone tries to do that?

We are the world / Russia ``uber alles``

Questions for discussion:

~ When you listen to /read news, which topic draws you attention first v ``World events`` or ``Russian events``?
~ When you learn about some tragical accident abroad, does your reaction depend on the fact are there Russians among casualties?
~ What`s your attitude to various kinds of cliches concerning our country?
~ Do you agree with people speaking about the ``intervention`` of the western mass culture in Russia?
~ ``Citizen of the world``
~ ``Russian way``

What qualities one needs to be a politician?

Questions for discussion:

• Are you interested in politics?
• Do you regularly keep an eye on political events within the country and in the world?
• Have you ever dreamt of being a politician? What particular qualities is it necessary to have to be a successful politician?
• Do you believe all what politicians tell us? Do you believe that they really are concerned bout those whom they have promised to serve?
• Do you think that political struggle somehow reflects people`s vital needs?

Are our mass media still independent?

-Raf Shakirov resigned last Monday as the editor of Izvestia, which provided some of the best coverage of the Beslan Hostage crisis. It is said by many sources that the Kremlin demanded his ouster as the newspaper`s coverage of terrorist attacks was too explicit
..The first pictures of what has happened in Beslan on Sept. 3 were broadcast by international media while our state channels didn`t stop their programming. The only chance for Russians to understand what was going was Ekho Moskvy or Internet.

Russia and the rest of the world

Questions for discussion:

~ Do you think that Russia should join the world community?
~ Do you think Russia should follow its own path?


Questions for discussion:

  1. All governments call their power democratic; but can anybody tell us, what the real democracy is?
  2. Democracy and servitude, can they coexist?
  3. The government governs the media. The media provides the power with any results the power wants on election. So, whether the real democracy is possible at all? Isn't democracy only justification to every evil deeds for any evil government?
  4. Have democracy ever worked? Is it working now anywhere?

Our governors: Medvedev, Putin, and Luzhkov. Which of them is the biggest and the best?

Questions for discussion:

1. Dmitrii Medvedev: Are you satisfied with his external and internal politics? What good points of character does he have to correspond to that position? What weaknesses does he have?
2. How do you estimate the result of almost one and a half years of Medvedev’s presidency? What do you think about follow links: Pr. Medvedev and the war in South Ossetia, Pr. Medvedev and the world economic downturn, Pr. Medvedev and the small-scale business, Pr. Medvedev and fight with corruption in Russia?

Russia and the West

Questions for discussion:

We are proposing some controversial statements. Please, comment on them.

Is it so?
Is it about you?
Do you like the situation?
Who is better? What are advantages and disadvantages of our style of life?
Why did we choose our way?

1. The West is at work upon producing, consumption and strengthening their positions. Russia is always experimenting. It used to take after Germany in time of Peter the First, after France later. Now it is trying to become America. Will Russia ever succeed to become America?

The world conspiracies

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you believe in world conspiracies and plots?
  2. Does the secret world government exist?
  3. Secret orders did exist in the past, have they disappeared without a trace?
  4. Do there exist implicit contracts?
  5. Do there exist subconscious society projects?

The crisis

Questions for discussion:

1. Is it a play of forces of nature or is it being done deliberately by some group of people?
2. Don`t you feel that the media promotes the crisis?
3. Who is responsible?
4. What should be done?
5. Isn`t it your personal responsibility?
6. The Great Depression coincided with the uprise of fascism? Was it just a coincident? Is there happening something similar today?
7. What is awaiting Russia?
8. What is awaiting the USA?
9. What is awaiting you? Do you have some special plans?

Our Russia Now in Their View

Questions for discussion:

Do the Wests see Russia correctly? Do we?
Do Russians need freedom?
Do you think Russia should reclaim all the territories of the USSR?
Do you think Russia is a democratic state?
What is ``Russian idea`` as you see it?
Do Russians have any uniting ideology?
What would you change in Russia if you had power?

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