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Questions for discussion: Is Easter celebrated in your country? If so, how? Modern Easter customs reflect traditions from many parts of the world. The story of the Easter bunny originated in Germany, where children believed that if they were good, the Easter bunny would leave behind a nest of colored eggs. What other holiday customs relate to children's behavior? What holidays in your native culture are primarily considered "children's holidays"? As a parent, would you encourage your child to believe in creatures such as the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, etc.? Why or why not? During your early childhood years, who was your favorite imaginary character? Why? What is your favorite holiday tradition? Why?

April's fools' day

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Questions for discussion: Do you celebrate April's fools' day? Do you think it is ok to joke with other people? Do you have sense of humor? Why is it important to laugh? What do you think of people who don't like to make jokes? If you have to marry, would you prefer man/woman with some sense of humor? People who don't have sense of humor, how do you get along with them?

New Year Holidays

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Questions for discussion: Where are you going to meet this New Year (at home with family; with friends; at the club; at the Red Square; in some trip)? Do you prepare New Year presents beforehand or just before the holiday? Do you like to prepare New Year presents or it is a nightmare for you? Do you prepare New Year presents only for your family or also for your friends and colleagues? What do you like more: to give presents or to be given ones? Do you like to congratulate your friends/relatives or you consider it to be a boring duty? If you like to congratulate others, how do you do that (by phone, sms, email, post card)? Do you like to congratulate people on the 31st of December, just before/after the midnight, on 1st or 2nd of January? Do you like New Year holidays? Would you prefer them to be longer/shorter? Do you take additional vacation to make them longer? What do you like to do on New Year holidays (to do nothing; to go to friends/relatives; to go to the cinema; to go shopping; to go in for sports (skating, skiing, etc), to go to some trip; smth else)?

Different countries, different people, different habits of celebration…

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Questions for discussion: Why do we celebrate? Is it necessary to have National holidays? What holidays are importrtant for you and why? What is your favorite holiday? Why? What holiday customs in different countries do you know?/li> What do you think of Carnivals and Festivals all over the world? (Rio carnival, Venetian carnival, Pancake Day, Beer festivals, Pillow Fight Day, Food fight festivals etc.)

New Year wishes

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Questions for discussion: ~Why we make wishes and plans exactly in New Year night? ~ Why many people believe in miracle of New Year night? ~ Is the fulfilment of New Year wishes a result of hard working or good luck? ~ Have you ever written the New Year wishes on the paper and keep it for all the year to compare results on the end of year?


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Questions for discussion: ~ Describe a wedding you`ve been to or heard about: - Who got married? - What they wore? - What they did on the day? ~ How did you felt about this wedding? ~ Gift-giving: - Is it required to give the bride and groom a wedding present? - What do you think about choosing a gift from the couple`s registry? - When should I give the couple my wedding gift?


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Questions for discussion: ~Is a vacation necessary thing for you or you're able to work for several years without intermission? ~Do you typically plan your vacation or think where to go just before the holiday? ~When you choose where to go, how do you typically define a place for vacation? (By travel company, by Internet, on advice of your friends/colleagues/relatives, smth. else) ~When do you prefer to take vacation? Why? ~For what period do you get your vacation? (For a month once a year, for two weeks twice a year, smth else)

Memoirs of Summer

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Questions for discussion: ~Why many people to feel sad about summer in September especially? ~Have you any bright impressions from summer? ~Would you like to live in the country for all summer? ~Do you wait for the next summer-season?

Victory Day

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Questions for discussion: ~ What is the Victory Day for you? ~ Do you like films about Great Patriotic War? ~ Do you think this holiday should be celebrated with so much pomp? Would it be better just to pay money spent for celebration to veterans? ~ Do you know any interesting historical facts or any interesting stories about this war?