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Questions for discussion:

~ Do you have compassion upon those who bag?
~ Do you consider all of them can do without smb`s help?
~ Which of them in your opinion can be considered people who honestly earn money?
~ Do you think that those who harm the image of the city?
~ If you were a major, how would you solve the problem?

The crisis

Questions for discussion:

1. Is it a play of forces of nature or is it being done deliberately by some group of people?
2. Don`t you feel that the media promotes the crisis?
3. Who is responsible?
4. What should be done?
5. Isn`t it your personal responsibility?
6. The Great Depression coincided with the uprise of fascism? Was it just a coincident? Is there happening something similar today?
7. What is awaiting Russia?
8. What is awaiting the USA?
9. What is awaiting you? Do you have some special plans?

Internet Services. To pay or not to Pay?

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you pay for any of the Internet services?
  2. Have you ever paid? For what exactly?
  3. Do you use any of free Internet services?
  4. Did you ever react to the Internet ads? Did you ever buy anything that way?
  5. Do you use the Internet in any way at all? Are you going to?
  6. Can you work via the Internet? Would you like to?

Link to the article: The end of the free lunch - again

Financial Business, Marketing etc. Gurus - is there any use of listening to them?

Questions for discussion:

  1. Are You good at finance? Business? Marketing? Etc.
  2. Did You ever ask anybody for an advise? Anybody professional? Did you pay for that?
  3. Do You think financial and other business-oriented education is a must for everybody?
  4. If You decided to get professional help - what would You prefer? - Approach somebody with a diploma? Or maybe a guru without formal education?
  5. Would you invest time and money into your own financial education?

Does crisis influence your life?

Questions for discussion:

  1. Did you feel the consequences of dollar downing?
  2. What is your estimation of cost of dollar by April 2009? By July 2009? What about price for oil?
  3. In what currency it is better to save money now?
  4. What is the optimal strategy to save money v to keep them on bank account or in cash? Is it worth saving money at all now or it is better to spend them?
  5. Do your working conditions change for the worse because of crisis? Do you expect further worsening?

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