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Debts & Duties

Questions for discussion:

~ IOU (I owe you)

~ Life-time credit

~ Parental / filial duties

~ Matrimonial duty

~ Duty to / of a motherland


Questions for discussion:

~ Imposed needs
~ Virtual violence
~ ~ ~ Wicked games
~ ~ ~ Scary movies
~ Faux beauty
~ Feint emotions

Show Time

Questions for discussion:

~ `21`st century: the renaissance in entertainment
~ Celebrities at work: `money for nothing` or...
~ `Stars factories`
~ `Reality shows`
~ Virtual violence
~ `All the world is a stage`...


Questions for discussion:

~ Better a bad peace than a good quarrel / Better an open enemy than a false friend

~ Better be alone than in bad company

~ Better break than wear out

~ Better ask the way than go astray (get lost)

~ When in doubt do not / Better never begin than never make an end


Questions for discussion:

~ Memory: a friend or an enemy?

``What beastly incidents our memories insist on cherishing!...the ugly and disgusting...the beautiful things we have to keep diaries to remember!`` ``Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.``

~ Memories & Imagination

``The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant``

~ Genetic memory: ``Deja vu``, intuition..

~ Mankind memory: People as memory cells

Wishes & Resources

Questions for discussion:

~ ``Little things please little minds`` / ``What is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to the ox``

~ ``A perfect wish`` / Nothing to wish

~ ``I wish I might``

~ ``Necessity is the mother of invention``

~ ``Easy come - easy go``

~ ``May our wishes always match our resources!``

Truth is born in an argument

Questions for discussion:

~ Argument or discussion?

~ Want to know more about a person v argue with him

~ ``Plato is dear to me but truth is dearer still`` / ``Win an argument but lose a friend``

~ Arguments at work: ``The boss is always right..``

~ Agree to differ

~ ``It`s only fools who argue`` / ``Truth`s born in an argument``

Nature & People

Questions for discussion:

~ ``We oughtn`t to wait gifts from nature - our goal is to take everything that belongs to us``

~ Human as a master (user) of nature: achievements & failures

``Terraforming`` of Earth
Influence on the biosphere
Mastering of nature
Gaia hypothesis
What`s in store?


Questions for discussion:

~ Rivalry

in family
among friends
in study
at work
~ ``The winner takes it all..``


Questions for discussion:

~ Feel comfortable

~ Comfort vs. career

~ Comfort vs. adrenaline

~ Comfort corrupts

~ Most wanted: comfort

Contacts & Conflicts

Questions for discussion:

~ Misunderstanding: everybody is a ``Stranger in a strange land``

~ Manipulation: ``The road to hell is paved with good intentions``

~ Convenience: Conflict as a way to win authority

~ in family

~ among your friends

~ at work

~ Conflicts ruin everything / Life without conflicts is dull & monotonous

For sale

Questions for discussion:

~ Material world

~ Cynical top 3

~ ``Friends cost money``

~ ``Can`t buy me love``, hah?..

~ ``Everybody has a price``

~ For a smile

~ Charity

Word is silver...

Questions for discussion:

~ Say: "Hello!"

~ Small talk

~ Usual bunch

~ Family affair

~ Talk business

~...Silence is gold


Questions for discussion:

~ Result of thorough planning or impromptu decision

~ Stability or Terra Incognita

~ ``Relax and enjoy it`` or ``Tense and enjoy it``

~ Expectations

~``Sick and tied`` or ``Can`t get enough``

~ Back to work

Something about time

Questions for discussion:

~All in good time / Better late than never
~Take your time / Time presses
~Do not waste your time!
~Friends are thieves of time
~To have no end of time
~Time cures all things

Truth to tell / Tell me lies..

Questions for discussion:

~I, me, my
~Parents - little children; grown-up children - aged parents
~Friendly fire
~Truthful business?..
~Hippocratic oath


Questions for discussion:

~Good upbringing is..
~Character of a child: a lump of clay or some ``fresh`` OS
~There`re no poor trainees, there are poor trainers
~Bringing up a murderer / the Nobel prizewinner
~Re-forming an adult
~Train yourself!


Questions for discussion:

~To be just..
~``This world is not fair!`` / ``Everything is for the best``
~Formulas of justice
• ``Each person contributes according to his ability and receives according to his needs``
• ``The winner takes it all``
~Justice in the world of profit
~Justice of heaven

Deus ex machina (God out of machine)

Questions for discussion:

~Techological progress is a road to hell
• Out-of-control inventions
• Technogenic catastrophes
• People as machinery`s appendix
• Rise of the machines


Questions for discussion:

~``When I was younger, so much younger than today..``
~``Help, I need somebody!..``/ ``Help yourself!``
• Help and friendship
• Help at work
• Help from the state


Questions for discussion:

~The way we deal with it
• Theory - learn about mistakes of other people
• Practice - make our own mistakes
• Advice - prevent other people from making mistakes
~Experience & conservatism
~Experience & intuition
~You can`t do without it / It`s useless

Knowledge and faith

Questions for discussion:

~Knowledge = ...
~Faith = ...
~Another ``egg-or-hen`` argument?
~Allies or enemies?
~Too much of the stuff.
~Knowledge or faith?

Tastes differ

Questions for discussion:

~Explain, please..
~Acquire/develop a taste
~Bad taste
~Tastes change
~Tastes and friends
~Taste of life


Questions for discussion:

~An inborn capability or an acquired skill?
~Leadership and knowledge
~Would you like to be a leader? Or if you are - how do you feel about it?


Questions for discussion:

~ Explain, please..
~ ``And who are judges?`` & recognition period
~ .. vs vanguard
~ .. vs fashion
~ Classic never dies

Family spirit

Questions for discussion:

• United family
• Should grown-up children live with their parents?
• Kinship and friendship
• ``Blood is thicker than water``
• Nation as a big family

Be happy

Questions for discussion:

• What is happiness?
• ``Duration`` of happiness
• ``Don`t worry, be happy``
• Happiness & satisfaction
• Happiness & luck
• Every person is a master of his happiness

Holidays and holidays.

Questions for discussion:

~What is holiday?
~``Appointed`` holidays:
• Why State Days are not popular in our country?
• What`s your attitude to``gender`` holidays?
• What do you think about recently ``imported`` western holidays (St. Valentine`s Day, Halloween, etc)?
~Personal holidays:
• Is there any ``special tradition`` of celebration of personal days in your family?
• What`s your favorite holiday?

Dreams and reality

Questions for discussion:

~ Do you think that a lot of films and books are made to put people into the world of dreams ?
~ Do you live a real life?

Doubt everything

Questions for discussion:

~ First doubts
~ Spirit of contradiction
~ Education through bringing things in question
~ To think is to doubt / Doubts are the sign of weakness
~ Inferiority complex
~ Credulity as a national feature of Russians

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