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Attention! Место проведения встреч изменилось!

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Дорогие гости! 

С 28 августа мы проводим встречи по адресу ул. Маши Порываевой, 34, кофейня Coffeeshop Company, метро Красные ворота/Комсомольская. Посмотреть карту

ECC changes place of meetings


Dear guests! 
From June 5, 2017, English Communication Club changes place of meetings. From now on, all the meetings will be held in Coffeshop Company between Polyanka and Dobruninskaya metro stations.
Address: Polyanka/Dobruninskaya metro station, Bolshaya Polyanka street, 30. To look at the map, please, click here.

Mondays are back!

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Dear guests,

Starting from January 30 Monday meetings are restored!
Discussion leader is Deen, place of the meeting - cafe "Nickolay" on Dobruninskaya / Novokuznetskaya metro station.
As usual, it's necessary to register for the meeting. 

ECC Barbecue with Nick on June 9


Hello, friends! 

Summer is finally upon us, and we're excited to welcome you at our second ECC barbecue of the season! Join us in Bitsevsky Park on Sunday, June 9. Let's meet at 12:00 outside the Novoyasenevskaya metro station (Exit 2) in the south of Moscow (please see the map). We'll talk, eat, play games, and sing our favorite songs in the great outdoors!

To register please click here.

Attention: the registration closes 3-4 hours before the meeting

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Дорогие гости!

Напоминаем, что на каждую встречу English Communication Club необходимо записываться. Заявка нужна заранее, в идеале - за день до встречи. Если в день встречи - то максимум до 16:00 по будням и до 13:00 по выходным и праздникам. После этого запись закрывается. Если вы не успели вовремя записаться, можно узнать по телефону, остались ли ещё места. 

12 прилагательных для описания фильмов и книг

Когда мы знакомимся с людьми, нам важно знать, какие фильмы и книги они любят - ведь это один из способов узнать, чем человек живёт, чем интересуется, что его вдохновляет. Когда же мы пытаемся говорить об этом на английском, выясняется, что нам не хватает слов на эту тему. Поэтому в этой статье мы расскажем вам о прилагательных, используемых для описания фильмов и книг.

Вкусные слова: 8 идиом о еде

Иногда говорят, что лучше, чем еда, может быть только разговор о еде. Почему бы тогда не расширить свой словарный запас по этой теме? В этой статье мы расскажем вам о самых вкусных выражениях, которые сделают вашу речь ещё более живой и красочной!

Needed: Administrator


Dear friends,

We’re looking for an ADMINISTRATOR.

Terms and conditions:
You will have to help to organize club meetings and to register guests. In exchange you can participate in Club meetings for free. You can choose a schedule that suits you (one, two or three times a week).

Registration for ECC meetings


Dear guests,

We introduce preliminary registration for ECC meetings starting from October 2015. How to register:
- on the website by filling the form,
- call to Alexandra(79055244558) and tell when you're going to come
- send a text message to the number 79055244558. Format of text message: "ECC, Name, Surname, date (".

Registration closes 3 hours before the meeting.

See you in the Club!

New Discussion Leaders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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Dear guests, 

We're glad to introduce 3 new Discussion Leaders:
- Brendan Gollege, USA, will lead discussions on Monday,
- Gennady Agrest, UK, will lead discussions on Wednesday,
- Brendon, USA, will lead discussions on Friday.

Jose will lead discussions on Fridays starting from 31st of July

Dear friends,

Jose is back to the English Communication Club! He'll start leading discussions from 31st of July 2015.

New Moderator on Wednesdays: Keith Dyer

Dear friends,

We'll have a new discussion leader on Wednesdays starting from 15th of March 2015: Keith Dyer. 

Entrance fee is increased starting from March


Dear friends, 

​Entrance fee is 700 rubles for each ECC meeting starting from the 2nd of March 2015.
Consequently, prices for subscriptions are also increased:

French Club in February

Dear friends! 

We are happy to announce that this February we are starting a French Communication Club!

If you learn French and feel the lack of practice it is a great opportunity for you to fill this gap! 

Halloween Party this Friday!!!


Dear guests,

You are kindly invited to celebrate Halloween with the English Communication Club. The festive event will take place in the Dobrolyubov Library, on Friday, October 31st, at 7 pm.

We shall provide mystical topics for the discussion as well as the treat for the coffee break. Or rather a trick? ;-)

Launch of Pre-Intermediate Group

Dear guests,

We are glad to announce that in the nearest future we will launch the Pre-Intermediate-level group along with the regular discussions.

Discussions in this group will be based on materials, specially designed for the Pre-Intermediate level and moderator will pay more attention on grammar explanation, introduction of new words and correction of mistakes.

Advance booking is necessary because the number of participants is limited!

Needed: Photographer


Dear friends,

We're looking for a Photographer.

Duties: you'll need to make 10 good photos of Club meetings a week and publish them on our web-site and in social nets.

It is a volunteer job. In return for your work you will get the opportunity to attend the Club's discussions for free.

Meeting is held in Menu Cafe today!!!


Dear guests! Due to technical reasons Costa Coffe is closed this weekend (23.08, 24.08). Because of that meetings at "Menu-Cafe". Address: Krasnoproletarskaya, 36, business center "Amber Plaza" (Novoslobodskaya metro station). To look at the map, please, click here.

Launch of Advanced Group

Dear guests,

We are glad to announce that Advanced-level Group has been working in our Club since August 2014 along with the regular discussions.

To join the group it is necessary to pass a test estimating the level of English, which you can take immediately or after any discussion.

German Communication Club is starting in August


Dear friends!

We are happy to announce that this August we are starting a German Communication Club!

If you learn German and feel the lack of practice it is a great opportunity for you to fill this gap!

A native English speaker is required to lead discussions


A native English speaker is required to lead discussions once or twice a week (we have Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday free).

You’ll always have from 3 to 8 people in a group.
Requirements: strong interpersonal skills, friendliness.

If you’re interested, send a letter with note "I'd like to become a Discussion Leader" to Alexandra at or call (8 905 524 45 58).

We are looking forward to seeing you as part of ECC Team.

Spring News

Hello, regulars and random visitors of the ECC!

Spring has come and you can see buds every now and then, as well as hear singing of the birds and narrow your eyes of the bright sunshine. Also we are in for frequent shashlyki week-ends and long trips out of town to enjoy the sunlight and see on your own the awakening of the Nature.

As winter's gone we have changes in the Club too.

A Party will be held in ECC on the 7st of March


Dear friends,
We're going to have a Party on the 7th of March to celebrate all the recent holidays and pleasant events, such as 14th of February, 23rd of February, 8th of March and, of course, our happy return to the Library.

Since arranging the event requires some additional budget, we'll ask each participant to contribute additional 100-200 rubles.

We're back to the Library!!!

Dear guests,

Library is open again for us now, so we will run Tuesday and Friday ECC meetings there. To look at the map, please, click here.

A Party is postponed and will be held on the 28th of February


Dear friends,

Due to a technical reason we have to postpone the St. Valentine's Party. Most probably it wall be held in two weeks, on the 28th of February. We'll keep you informed.

The ECC guests participate in making a news report

Devin taking interview from Nick

The ECC guests collaborated with the US TV channel Local 4 to give an interview about Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Learn how it was and see our report in pictures...

New Year Party: How it was

...and toasts to the coming New Year

Dear guests!

On behalf of the ECC team let me wish you all the best in New Year 2014 and present our first press-release. Here you can find the details of the Christmas Party that took place on the 20th of December 2013 in the Dobrolyubov Library.

First of all I would like to thank our guests for coming and brining in their good mood, smiles and expectations which I hope we did meet and even exceed.

Our main aim was to create a friendly and festive atmosphere and encourage our guests to speak English and have fun.

How it was:

ATTENTION: Next 2 weeks meetings are held in the Koffein instead of the Library!


Dear guests,

As Dobrolubov Library is closed for next 2 weeks, we will have to run Tuesday and Friday ECC meetings in another place: Koffein on Arbat Street. Address: Arbat, 19. To look at the map, please, click here.

Welcome to the New Year Party!


Dear friends,
The 2014 New Year Party is to be held on December 20, 2013 (Friday).

At the Party we'd like to introduce a more diversified and exciting content than during our usual meetings:
- Party games, quizzes and competitions
- Food and drinks
- Festive atmosphere.

Cost of the tickets for the party:

ECC changes place of meetings on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays


Dear guests!

From October 30, 2013, English Communication Club changes place of meetings on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
New place is called COSTA-Coffee. Address: Novoslobodskaya metro station, Seleznevskaya street, 13, bldn.1. To look at the map, please, click here.

Первая встреча - бесплатно!

Телефон в формате 79032223322

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