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Talk about three things

Questions for discussion:

  1. Can you talk about three names you go by?
  2. Can you talk about three things you like about yourself?
  3. Can you talk about three things you dislike about yourself?
  4. Can you talk about three parts of your heritage?
  5. Can you talk about three things that scare you?

Titanic Anniversary

Questions for discussion:

  1. What do you know about The Titanic maiden voyage?
  2. Would you like to travel by a passenger cruise ship?
  3. Have you seen Titanic movie? Which parts of the movie do you like the most?
  4. What means of transport do you think are safe and why?
  5. Have you seen the movie " cast away"? if yes, then tell us what would you do to survive on some island?
  6. Do you sometimes want to take vacations and go to some beaches?

Additional Information:

Do you believe?

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you believe in AIDS, swine flu, bird flu, atypical pneumonia and other new disastrous plagues like those?
  2. Do you believe that people's activity causes the global warming? Do you believe in possibility of the nuclear winter catastrophe? Do you think we can fix the first plague with the second one?
  3. What about ozone holes? Isn't it scaring?
  4. Do you worry about comets, asteroids and supernovas?
  5. Do you believe that democracy is the ideal and the only possible form of governing?

The greatest inventions of all time

Since the first human set foot on Earth, we saw many great inventions. Some of these breakthroughs, like the wheel, have become a catalyst for further discoveries. In times of enhanced technological advancements, increased mobility, instant access to information, and globalization, the pace of innovation is only accelerating. It is important to understand the implications of introducing new ideas, products, processes and technologies, and how they affect our lives and the environment.

Victory Day

Questions for discussion:

~ What is the Victory Day for you?
~ Do you like films about Great Patriotic War?
~ Do you think this holiday should be celebrated with so much pomp? Would it be better just to pay money spent for celebration to veterans?
~ Do you know any interesting historical facts or any interesting stories about this war?

History Revision

Questions for discussion:

~ Destruction of historic monuments

~ The Bible vs. the Truth

~ Authorities turn out to be false

~ New chronology

~ History revision: why now?

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